It’s not easy growing up today. Sometimes, you might need a little help.

Teens and Tweens Coaching with Elaine Lerner

Elaine Lerner, MSW, CPC  is an experienced coach and workshop facilitator who has helped thousands of families get the most out of their life by working together. She provides a valuable collection of tools, techniques and practical strategies that can help young people to:

  • Communicate better with classmates, peers and parents;
  • Make friends through social interactions;
  • Navigate your way through middle, high school, college, and a career;
  • Problem-solve to get what is best for you.

Elaine’s Social Skills Coaching consists of 7 sessions. In sessions 1-4 you’ll meet with other tweens or teens in groups and learn from each other in a guided format. Sessions 5 and 6 are for parents who are individually coached on how to work on a best-fit basis with their kids. In Session 7, parent and child embark together on an individualized Personal Success Action Plan.

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