I met Elaine Lerner in 2011 when I attended a seven-week training course on ADHD facilitated by her.

Laura Rossillo

Laura Rossillo

Elaine taught me to see the world through a child’s eyes and how to be their best advocate. Her training gave many families the tools, understanding and compassion to help children perform successfully in school and at home. She impacted my life tremendously both as a parent and as a woman.

Elaine was relentless in helping families and having her clients achieve their own personal success within themselves. She chose to see the best in a person and gave her clients courage and confidence to pursue their endeavors.

As my children grew older, I began to consider a full-time career and Elaine helped me consider different possibilities. Elaine knew I was passionate about helping other children with ADHD and encouraged me to pursue a teaching degree. With her advice and guidance, in the Fall of 2017, I enrolled in the graduate program for special education at Long Island University.

Before Elaine’s passing, we discussed plans to work together in the future through her ADHD training workshops and women’s groups. It was an initiative I was honored to be part of. My hope is to continue her mission utilizing what I have learned from my experiences with Elaine and her trainings and help others in the ways she helped me and my family.

I have recently completed my ADHD Coaching Certification; AAC from ADDCA. My goal is to bring awareness of the benefits of ADHD Parent Trainings to parents and work as an integral member of Elaine’s Legacy Team to provide support.

Email: laura@adhdparenttrainer.com
Phone: 516.521.7304

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