I’m a professional Life Coach, with a certification and specialty in ADHD.

Jo Futerman, ACC, ACGI work with adults, some of whom, but not all, have ADHD. Typically, clients come to me (or are referred to me) because they are “stuck”and can’t figure out how to move forward. Some struggle with issues at home — parenting, marital, responsibilities within the household. Some struggle with issues at work — frustration, overwhelm, lack of organization, time management, etc.

Because I understand ADHD, it certainly helps for those adults who struggle with this brain type. I have a better understanding of the challenges they face. For parents of children with ADHD, I help them have a better understanding of the challenges and difficulties that their children face.

Personally, I am happily married with 3 children (2 biological and 1 step-daughter, who has been in my life for over 30 years). My son, who is 25 years old, has been diagnosed with ADHD and Aspergers. It was through my son that I found my purpose.

I met Elaine Larner when my son Jonathan was about 8 years old. I called her after seeing one of her ads in a local parenting magazine. When she called me back, we were on the phone for at least a half hour. She had me at hello. I knew she understood. In that phone conversation, Elaine gave me hope. She lifted the weight of helplessness off of my shoulders.

Beyond the help she gave me with parenting my child, Elaine inspired me to do the work that I now do. When a new client calls me, I know that they leave our conversation with the same hope and relief that I got from Elaine. She is with me every day in my practice.

I have a Life Coaching practice in Roslyn, New York. I work with adults, some of whom struggle with ADHD. I provide one on one coaching, either at my office ot remotely. I also facilitate small group coaching sessions which meet once a week for 6 weeks. The sessions are 90 minutes, and each week we discuss a different topic, including Mindfulness, Creating Calm, Increasing Productivity, Setting Boundaries, and Letting Go. I also run workshops on Mindfulness, and plan on expanding that to include workshops on other topics.

I am also in a training program to become a Certified Mindfulness teacher. I’m hoping to have my certification by the Summer. My intention is to teach mindfulness to both adults and children.

I started my practice in 2010.I received my training and certification through the ADD Coach Academy (ADDCA). I also did training with Jody Sleeper-Triplett, in Coaching Adolescents and College Students with ADHD.

I am the Coordinator of the Nassau County Chapter of Children & Adults with ADHD (CHADD). I’ve had this position for the last 4 years. In June of this year, I will step down as Coordinator, but will continue to be active on the Board. I am also the facilitator of the adult support group that is run through CHADD.

I volunteer as a mentor at a foster agency in Suffolk County. I am currently mentoring a 20-year old girl who will be aging out of the foster care system this summer. I hope to help her realize her choices, and her purpose.

My goal and my intention, both personally and professionally, is help people realize their potential, find peace within, and most importantly, grow. It is the same goal that I have for myself.

My basic belief is that we were put on this earth to grow and to love and care for ourselves, and in doing so, we can love and care for everyone around us. I believe that we are all connected. And I believe we all have our purpose here on Earth, and that purpose is to serve. Our job is to find out, through our talents and our passion, how we can best serve.

As a parent, my belief is that our children were sent to us for a reason. We believe that it is our job to raise them, but in reality, they are actually raising us to places we never even imagined. Our greatest growth and lessons come through our children. Our only job is to love them unconditionally. And therein lies the work!

Website: JMFCoaching.com
Email: jo@adhdparenttrainer.com
Phone: 516.236.6964

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