My family was referred to Elaine Lerner through our son’s physician.

Eleni SfiroudisWe had a diagnosis, and we knew he needed additional behavior support. We believed this could be achieved by working with a coach–one that had experience with ADHD.

Elaine and our son developed a strong bond through their regular sessions. Her rapport with him became more that of a friend than a coach. He listened to her and his trust in her became absolute.

The most impactful aspect of our relationship with Elaine evolved as she became our family coach. She understood the dynamic of an ADHD family, something that we hadn’t fully recognized. She helped us understand we needed to support our son, while also supporting and respecting the needs of our other children. And she also coached us as parents, to maintain balance and perspective, and showed us how to advocate for our son.

By doing all of this with our family, Elaine Lerner changed our lives. She challenged us to embrace our family’s uniqueness and learn as much as possible by being actively engaged in our son’s growth. She inspired me to become an ADHD Coach.

I earned my AAC from the ADD Coach Academy (ADDCA). Elaine also encouraged me to create what I couldn’t find for our son in our community. I became involved as a past co-president and current Board member of Port Washington SEPTA, and I have worked with our schools and local library to create activities, clubs and literacy programs for kids that learn differently.

I started where you are…

I had many questions and so much uncertainty about raising a child with ADHD. Elaine helped me and my family make decisions regarding our parenting approach and other treatment interventions, and helped us feel empowered. I look forward to showing you how to embrace the uniqueness of ADHD, and help your family thrive.

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