Newsletter: Send A Parent To Summer School!

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Newsletter: Send A Parent To Summer School!

Summer Greetings! Managing a child with ADHD is no easy task.

ADHD Parent Training with Elaine Lerner



As the school year ends, it’s a great time to review the past year’s school experience and prepare for Fall. My Send A Parent To Summer School parent training program will help you improve communication with your child while you gain learning tools and techniques to improve your child’s focus and attention, impulsivity, hyperactivity, organization and social skills.

It takes patience, persistence, knowledge, compassion, commitment and consistency. My newsletters give you helpful tips, resources, and words of encouragement that provide support throughout the year.

These Summer School training programs focus on the specific needs parents face:

  • ADHD Parenting Skills;
  • Building A Strong Parent Partnership;
  • Improving Child’s Performance at School;
  • Couples & Relationship Issues;
  • Social Skills Coaching for Teens

Call today to schedule an appointment or register below for a complimentary 20-minute phone session 516.487.0636.

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