It is normal for children to be active, exuberant and more impulsive when they are young but when they have ADHD, this can be excessive. There are times when a child’s attention span is so short, their activity level is so high and impulse control is so limited that their behavior is extreme for their age.

“Become a keen observer,” says Stanley I. Greenspan MD. “It’s imperative to carefully observe children who may have ADD/ADHD, and try to figure out what’s behind their behavior. What you’re trying to do is look for the circumstances and situations in which your child is both inattentive and attentive.”

Grandparents often face a double-bind situation if they are parents of an ADHD adult…

Being a grandparent in a family afflicted with ADHD means that you may not only be struggling with your grandchild, but you may find you have issues with your own adult child. It can be a slippery slope. Grandparents often try to share what they observe with their adult children. Their inquiries are often misconstrued as controlling, inappropriate or interfering.

It is important for parents and grandparents to understand the biology of ADHD as well as the treatments and protocols. This is a family affair and everyone must have the right resources at their command to be effective. If a grandparent can learn how to communicate properly and understand what their children are going through as parents, they can become a wonderful asset to their children and grandchildren.

Elaine Lerner, MSW, CSW is an experienced facilitator of workshops for parents and grandparents of children with behavioral management issues, as well as ADHD. She teaches grandparents how to learn the techniques to understand their grandchildren and give them a better chance for success at school, at home and in social settings. Elaine is frequently a featured guest speaker, meeting with public interest groups, schools and organizations. Her talks are engaging, informative and packed with action steps that grandparents can put into use.

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