Coaching Women for Transformation

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Coaching Women for Transformation

Craft and create the life you have always dreamed of having by applying my guided,  step-by-step approach. It is never too late to live your dream!

Elaine Lerner, ADHD Parent Training


“The process of self-transformation is like drawing new water out of an old well. You have to go deeper than you have ever dipped before. The way you get your bucket deeper into your own well is to be willing to take on and answer powerful questions, instead of just jumping at attractive looking answers.” – John Scherer

This deep awareness can lead to a fresh orientation and a new direction. Instead of denying the past or the present, I teach you how to embrace your life and create something new and exciting.

Our process begins by showing you how to identify your core values – the values that compel you to be the person you are or want to be. We all have the ability to be resourceful, but the journey cannot start until you dream and envision your possibilities and then make the conscious choice to make that happen.

I coach women on how to improve all of their relationships, how to make it through tough transitions and how to reach their full potential.

I present and facilitate women’s discussion groups on the Power of Connection as a Catalyst for Transformation. These meetings often serve as the foundation for team-building and involvement. My presentations include videos and slides that help me engage you in self-discovery.

I form and conduct an ongoing series of groups called A Gathering of Women. The series builds upon our past experiences, the present and the future we want to create. These groups are forming now in New York and in Southern Florida.

Whether you are beginning your adult life, at mid-life or more seasoned, we all have more to do, more to become and more to accomplish. As your coach, I am here to support you all the way. This is a journey we will take together.


I am a licensed social worker, trained in the field of relationships and a Certified Life Coach through the Life Coach Institute of Orange County (LCIOC).

If you’d like to discuss your personal goals and how to reach them, please call me at 516.487.0636 (NY) or 561.288.0703 (FL) and register below for a FREE 20-minute telephone conversation. This offers us the opportunity for a brief introduction and assessment of your needs on a personal level.

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