Raising a child with ADHD is no easy task.

Now, you can learn techniques to give your child a better chance at success in school, at home and in social encounters.

Send A Parent To Summer School

The training consists of 4 Group Training Sessions followed by 3 Optional Personal Coaching Sessions to help launch you on your Individual Personal Success Action Plan. Here’s what we will cover…

• Why Children Misbehave
• Increasing Compliance by Paying Attention
• When Praise is Not Enough – Poker Chips and Points
• Small Group Workshop
• Anticipating Problems – Managing Children
• Improving School Behavior from Home *The School Report Card*
• Improving Work at School – School Accommodations, 504 Plans, School Communications
• Developing an Individualized Success Plan

In Training Sessions 1-4: Participants meet in small groups and learn from each other in a guided format.
In optional Coaching Sessions 5 through 7: Parents are individually coached to work on a best-fit basis with their child and to embark on an Individual Personal Success Action Plan.

We invite you to enroll now and attend your first session…

so you can experience the power of our new 4-Session Parent ADHD Training and Optional Personal Coaching Sessions.

Satisfaction Guaranteed: Pay for and attend the first session. Then decide to continue with the remaining group sessions. The balance due for Sessions 2-4 will be processed on your credit card at the end of Week One. If, at the end of session one, you request in writing, not to participate in sessions 2-4 you will not be billed for the balance. No refunds will be granted after the end of week one. Individual coaching sessions during weeks 5-7 will be processed on your credit card, with your approval at the end of session 4.

Still wondering if this will work for you and your child? Register below for a free 20-minute Personal Needs Assessment Session…


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