ADHD Training for Parents, Grandparents and Couples

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ADHD Training for Parents, Grandparents and Couples

We help parents and grandparents of children with ADHD and Oppositional Defiant Disorder to develop parental management skills in order to provide their children with a better chance at success at home, at school and in social settings.

Elaine Lerner, ADHD Parent TrainingOur team would like to help you and your child succeed with my ADHD Parent Training and Coaching, We provide these services online and in person, working directly with family members. We also conduct a series of personal online web training events to meet the needs of parents at a distance. We can provide you with the tools to change your child’s behavior. Groups form each week, meeting by phone and online in small group training sessions. We also provide sessions in person in Garden City and Melville, New York as well as Boca Raton, Florida.

ADHD Training Groups for Parents of…

Raising a family with an ADHD child can be challenging. Before you know it, relationships can become stressed and communications can become non-existent. My private practice focuses on the specific needs these parents face:

  • Developing ADHD parenting skills,
  • Building a strong parent partnership,
  • Improving their child’s performance at school,
  • Strengthening the couple’s relationship,

ADHD Training for Parents and GrandparentsADHD Training for Grandparents (New 4-session training forming now)

Raising an ADHD child is a family affair and everyone must have the right resources at their command to be effective. Grandparents often have the time and desire to be of help to struggling parents. Often, grandparents are involved in the daily care of their grandchildren and face the same challenges parents do. With proper understanding and training, grandparents can be a wonderful asset to their children and grandchildren. My new Grandparent Training Program is designed to create a win-win opportunity for the entire family.

And ADHD Training for…

If you’d like to discuss your needs, wants and desires, please call 516.487.0636 (NY) or 561.288.0703 (FL) and register below for a FREE 20-minute telephone conversation. This offers us the opportunity for a brief introduction and assessment of your needs on a personal level.

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