ADHD Parent Trainer Elaine Lerner’s Hints for Summer Learning

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ADHD Parent Trainer Elaine Lerner’s Hints for Summer Learning

Children who are challenged with ADHD do better if they feel a sense of predictability and consistency.

ADHD Parent Training with Elaine Lerner

It’s important to plan ahead. Set up a schedule but leave time for leisure activities. Make some room for creativity and imagination as well. Here are some helpful tips on planning a great Summer for your child:

  • Have a family meeting to discuss how your child wants to plan their days. At the family meeting, list some ideas for leisure time and fun activities.
  • Plan for at least one successful goal each day and reward at Point of Performance.
  • Post lists and schedules for each day.
  • Reward your child when he or she follows through with the daily schedule.
  • Set up a bulletin board in your child’s room where you can post all of the special words that describe all that is wonderful about him or her.

Technology can be fun. There are many wonderful websites and software programs which kids enjoy. Many are designed to amuse, entertain and educate your child. Some suggestions include those geared toward puzzles, games, math, foreign language or science. These can help your child have fun while educating them at the same time.

Children need to learn to manage their own time. It is important that you allow your child the opportunity to make choices. Block out some time each day for your child to pick an activity on his own.

If your child has a learning disability, it would be important to have at least 20 minutes, 3 times a week devoted to reading. Use this time for intervention. Consider working with a tutor to maintain and develop skills. Your library may have a summer reading program. Some local libraries have a reading buddy program where older youths volunteer their time to mentor younger children.

Get your child involved in some social skills activities that will help to increase peer interactions. Your local recreation, youth or religious center may have sport programs as well as arts and crafts programs available for your child.

Learning can be fun! A day at the beach may be an opportunity to have a great time with your child while learning. Collecting shells together and then counting them reinforces math skills. Sorting them by shape helps with organizational skills. Try lying back on a blanket together and counting the clouds or the sea gulls. There is no limit to what you can do to make learning fun. Be creative and enjoy you child!

And remember… make time for yourself to relax and spend some time doing what you enjoy.

As the school year ends, it’s a great time to review the past year’s school experience and prepare for Fall. My “Send A Parent To Summer School” Parent Training program helps you improve communication with your child while learning tools and techniques to improve focus and attention, impulsivity, hyperactivity, organization and social skills.

These Summer School training programs focus on the specific needs parents face:

  • ADHD Parenting Skills;
  • Building A Strong Parent Partnership;
  • Improving Child’s Performance at School;
  • Couples & Relationship Issues;
  • Social Skills Coaching for Teens

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