I met Elaine at a TTN meeting. We sat on a couch next to each other and by the end of the meeting we were holding hands.

Lindy Ellyn Brahen, LCSW-R

Lindy Ellyn Brahen, LCSW-R

We quickly found out that we had much in common. We were both psychotherapists who believed in being supportive and kind to our clients. We both had had extensive training and loved our work. We intuitively knew that we practiced in very similar ways and therefore decided to group together starting after the new year. Sadly, Elaine passed before we began these groups.

I have been a psychotherapist in practice for more than 30 years. I was the Senior Psychiatric Social Worker at New York Hospital -Queens for 20 years, working in their In-patient Unit, their mental health clinic, and their drug and alcohol detox unit. I next worked for Peninsula Counseling Center’s Chemically Dependent Center for 16 years. I have had a private practice in Great Neck, New York for 30 years. I work with clients who suffer with depression, anxiety, diminished sense of self, and relationship difficulties.

I miss Elaine every day and feel I carry on her legacy by being a caring supportive effective therapist with all my clients and by being a loving friend.

Email: lindy@adhdparenttrainer.com

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