Raising a child with ADHD is no easy task.

Now, you can learn techniques to give your child a better chance at success in school, at home and in social encounters.

Send A Parent To Summer School

The training consists of 4 Group Training Sessions followed by 3 Optional Personal Coaching Sessions to help launch you on your Individual Personal Success Action Plan. Here’s what we will cover…

• Why Children Misbehave
• Increasing Compliance by Paying Attention
• When Praise is Not Enough – Poker Chips and Points
• Small Group Workshop
• Anticipating Problems – Managing Children
• Improving School Behavior from Home *The School Report Card*
• Improving Work at School – School Accommodations, 504 Plans, School Communications
• Developing an Individualized Success Plan

In Training Sessions 1-4: Participants meet in small groups and learn from each other in a guided format.
In optional Coaching Sessions 5 through 7: Parents are individually coached to work on a best-fit basis with their child and to embark on an Individual Personal Success Action Plan.

I invite you to enroll now and attend your first session…

so you can experience the power of my new 4-Session Parent ADHD Training and Optional Personal Coaching Sessions.
Cost per Session: $100 for Individual or $150 for Couple.

Who will attend?

Satisfaction Guaranteed: Pay for and attend the first session. Then decide to continue with the remaining group sessions. The balance due for Sessions 2-4 will be processed on your credit card at the end of Week One. If, at the end of session one, you request in writing, not to participate in sessions 2-4 you will not be billed for the balance. No refunds will be granted after the end of week one. Individual coaching sessions during weeks 5-7 will be processed on your credit card, with your approval at the end of session 4.

Still wondering if this will work for you and your child? Register below for a free 20-minute Personal Needs Assessment Session…


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